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City Of Eternal Light

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For a long time I have waited for the sun to shine
And for years on end my eyes would not behold the dawn
But now my eyes have raised
And left the dark behind
The horizon beckons with a gleam
I see the city
of eternal

In the days that followed, my feet fled for home
The clouds of darkness gave way to rays of sun
And now the light of God
Illuminates my path
I will see the glory of the Lamb
In the city
of eternal

It's been said the streets are paved with shining gold
And the walls are built on the most flawless gems
But the greatest rewards
Will have no earthly price
A new life that's been blessed with lasting peace
In the city
of eternal

The path is narrow and restricted
With a temptation to turn and walk back
Your every footstep may be lonely
Such are the trials of faith

The world will offer its distractions
Its endless ways to divert attention
Don't lose your way throughout the darkness
Then eternally lost

The Law will try to offer comfort
It will yet magnify all your good deeds
Just like the yeast inside the leaven
Oh, how pride makes a fall

But the reward goes to the runner
in such a way as not without an aim
May you persist toward the city
Reach the city of light

Now the gates have opened and the path departs
And the congregation raises their voice in joy
For an age of love
Has come upon us now
Yes, the days of weeping are no more
In the city
of eternal